DeMolay started in 1919 in Kansas City, Missouri. DeMolay spread across the states rapidly with the first instituted chapter, Rock River on February 6th, 1922 in Watertown, Wisconsin. 22 more chapters were started across the state that same year and the order continues to grow worldwide.

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What's happening in Wisconsin?

Take a look at the upcoming state events and what is happening through out Wisconsin DeMolay!

Monthly State Newsletter

The monthly Wisconsin DeMolay state newsletter is put together by the State Officer Corps. The newsletter includes articles by the State Master Councilor, the State Officers and District Master Councilors. This newsletter also is a great opportunity for chapters to submit articles and flyers for events to get the word out! Send your articles to

Do you know where the Traveling Gavel is?

The traveling gavel is a giant gavel that a chapter can steal from another chapter when traveled there for a stated meeting. It now resides at West Bend Chapter, GO GET IT GUYS! The rules for the traveling gavel is found on the resources page.

Next State Event

The next State event is Conclave on July 26-29th at Edgewood College in Madison, WI. The theme this year is hockey. Scroll below to view more information about this event!


Conclave is the annual meeting where the entire state comes together, has fun, and learns valuable life lessons. This is also when the newly elected State Officer Corps gets installed into their positions. This years theme is hockey so be ready to drop the gloves and have a good time!

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Wisconsin DeMolay is hosting the Region V Ritual Competition for DeMolay’s Centennial year. We are going above and beyond to to give you the ULTIMATE DeMolay experience. You will not want to miss this!

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