The Chapter Excellency Award!

The chapter excellency award is based off of many different events that chapters can participate and earn points for throughout the year. This years chapter excellency program was designed by the State Master Councilor Braden Baumann along with the help of his State Officer Corps. Below are all the points for the chapters as they currently stand. They will be updated as chapter’s turn in their spreadsheets over the next year!

Chapters: Be sure to turn in all your points and spreadsheets to!

Find the program packet here!

Find the fillable spreadsheet here!

Chapter Standings

Updated on: 9/27/2018

Brookfield Chapter: N/A

Doric Chapter: 650 Points

Chippewa Valley Chapter: N/A

Godfrey De Boullion Chapter: 210 Points

Green Bay Chapter: N/A

Kenosha Chapter: N/A

Lacrosse Area Chapter: N/A

Lincoln/Ozaukee Chapter: N/A

Madison Chapter: N/A

Northern Lights Chapter: N/A

Racine Chapter: N/A

Sir Galahad Chapter: 660 Points

West Bend Chapter: N/A