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We know that you want your son to be involved with other young people who respect parents, show courtesy, demonstrate friendship and integrity. Those are some of the cornerstones of DeMolay.  In fact, each chapter meeting begins with the tradition of presenting the flag and Bible; reminders of our country's founding freedoms.  Each meeting closes with a nod of respect to parents, and a nondenominational prayer.

Values like those set DeMolay apart.  By regularly talking about the importance of character and integrity in DeMolay, it's not just "parent talk" to your son.  It's his peers and people he admires.  His friends support the values, too - and in a young man's eyes, that matters most.


Certified Advisors

Every DeMolay advisor undergoes a rigorous background check by DeMolay International headquartered in Kansas City, MO.  Each advisor is renewed annually, and reviewed throughout their tenure with DeMolay as an advisor.  Most advisors are parents of DeMolay boys themselves, or are business and community leaders from your home town. Regular advisor training keeps skills sharp.


Role Models

The age range of 12-21 is broad, yet serves a distinct purpose. Younger members look up to the older members who are often state officers for DeMolay. Those older members have earned the respect of their peers for leading by example - demonstrating "how to" and "willingness to" make the younger members feel welcome and a part of things from the very beginning. Younger boys emulate those in leadership roles. The older boy will straighten a younger one’s tie, or show the newest member the best way to paddle a canoe during a summer trip.  That mentoring guides your son with examples he’ll carry into his future.



In Wisconsin DeMolay, boys travel with their friends to fun destinations for conventions and special events. The words "road trip" are favorites for members of DeMolay.  During the past year, members of Wisconsin DeMolay traveled to Green Bay, Eau Claire, Sheboygan, Kenosha, Appleton, Rhinelander, Wisconsin Dells, Milwaukee, Racine Appleton, La Crosse and Madison.  Trips to Pennsylvania, Missouri, Illinois, and other destinations are looked forward to with anticipation.

Parent Involvement

You are welcome to attend every DeeMolay meeting and function. Each chapter is different, but there are many opportunities to participate in Pancake Breakfasts, Lobster Sales, dances, awards nights and travel functions. Often, parents will accompany the boys on trips as chaperones. Your help is appreciated in assisting with meals, chaperoning events, and most especially with sharing the driving responsibilities.

Ask how to become a DeMolay Advisor. We'd love to have YOU as an involved parent.

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