The Traveling Gavel recognizes those Chapters who practice the DeMolay ideals of Comradeship and Brotherhood by visiting other Chapters. To hold the traveling Gavel at your Chapter is an honor of which any Chapter should be proud.


To pick-up the Traveling Gavel, a Chapter must visit a regular meeting of the Chapter that has the Traveling Gavel in its possession with a minimum of four DeMolays and two Advisors. In the case of two Chapters visiting to pickup the Traveling Gavel at the same meeting, the decision on who will take the Gavel home will be decided in the following manner:

  • The Chapter with the most members present will take the gavel home
  • If two chapters have the same number of members present, then the Chapter traveling the farthest one-way will take the gavel home
  • At the request of the Chapter in possession of the Gavel, the Chapter attempting to steal the gavel must close the Chapter for them


Currently the Gavel is held by: Brookfield

Full Rules Here


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