Fun. Seriously.

Opportunity, Leadership, Scholarships.

For teen boys, FUN is where it's at. DeMolay welcomes young men between the ages of 12-21 to have fun, SERIOUSLY. We enjoy travel, sports, events, and activities locally and throughout the state.  Community service, and charity efforts are a good time too.  DeMolay lets us find fun ways to do stuff - whatever we decide - and we always decide to have good times. We have the opportunity to develop leadership - and often that leads to scholarships.  

DeMolay is recognized as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.

Do great men simply begin in DeMolay?

Dozens of accomplished men have crossed the thresholds DeMolay. Men like Walt Disney, Dan Rather, Bill Clinton, Pulitzer Prize Author John Steineck. Even NFL, MLB and NBA athletes and coaches have been part of DeMolay.   Senators, Statesmen, Governors, and Rock Stars are in the mix, too. Of course there are plenty of successful everyday citizens who have been part of DeMolay. They could be your banker, accountant or architect.


But just what is it about DeMolay that seems to give members that edge in their future?  It's that intangible which seems to generate more successful outcomes for young men than any other youth organization. In fact, we're the largest youth fraternity in the world - with incredible alumni outcomes. Check out our DeMolay Hall of Fame or our Famous Alumni. You'll see.

Advantages & opportunity...

DeMolay allows members to explore new places with travel, earn peer respect in officer roles, gain confidence with public speaking, and learn time management skills through planning activities. And get this... Members even learn personal responsibility because they hold each other accountable for getting things done!  Those sorts of experiences give a young man an advantage - that results in more opportunities. DeMolay leadership roles certainly add to a young man's assets and skills.

Those assets and skills, get the attention of employers and colleges. They look twice at a young man who has participated in DeMolay and they see a leader. DeMolay members will have been part of elections, parliamentary procedures, event coordination, online plannning and business meetings, interviews and committees. In DeMolay it's serious fun - because the members are always planning what they want to do - and it is doing things that interest them, that keeps them engaged.

Youth run organization...

That's right, it's their organization and members run it. There is something about making their own decisions that leads young men to be their best - and that's part of what the members of DeMolay enjoy. No other organization puts the young men in control in the same way that DeMolay does - letting the young men decide if they are going go-karting or trying something more adventurous like paintball or rock climbing. No matter what they decide, the guys themselves call the shots - and that is a shot in the arm for young men's egos.

The adults are called advisors - and that is what they do. Advise. It's the members who decide what to do, and how to get it done. Whether it's sports, dances, road trips, or video game parties. DeMolay members have their say, and lead the way.

Doing the right things...

It could be a game of bowling or go-kart racing or something a bit more noble. We do community service, charity efforts, and fundraising - sometimes for ourselves, but just as often to help others. Over the years we have supported Relay for Life, Special Olympics, The American Cancer Society and the Multiple Sclerosis Association.

Sound like something you want to learn more about? We thought so.