Why DeMolay?

DeMolay is different from all other organizations in several ways. First, it’s open to all kinds of young men ages 12 to 21 years old with all kinds of interests. If members of a local chapter decide on something they can devote their chapter’s entire attention to that subject. If they want to focus on Laser Tag, Paintball, Chess, Video Games, Acting, Camping, Volunteering, or Stamp Collecting that’s great too. Each local chapter has its own personality and each member has a chance to make the chapter what he wants it to be. Rather than focusing on any one thing most chapters partake in a variety of activities. DeMolay is infinitely adaptable to the interests of the chapter members! Another difference is DeMolay’s emphasis on training you to be a leader and provides great future Scholarship Opportunities. It doesn’t happen by accident. When you join DeMolay, you’re on the fast track to learn skills that will help you in school, business, and through the rest of life. Millions of Members have benefited from being involved DeMolay! Will one of them be You?

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