Congratulations to the new Job’s Daughters Youth Leadership!

The new Job’s Daughters Youth Leaders: Credit to Joshua Riewe for the photos

Congratulations ladies!

Wisconsin DeMolay would like to congratulate our sister organization, Wisconsin Job’s Daughters for their new change in leadership over the last weekend as they held their annual Jamboree.  We wish sister Alleya Ingram the best of luck in her future endeavors as a lady now that she has completed her term as Grand Bethel Honored Queen.  We would like to also congratulate and recognize the new leaders whom will work together with State Master Councilor, Bro. Joe Bloom and his team to make both of our organizations better for the future. Those representing Wisconsin DeMolay at their installation were: Joe Bloom (State Master Councilor), Payton Breitzmann (State Sweetheart), Sam Thiele (State Officer), and Ryan Thiele (State Illustrious Knight Commander).

Grand Bethel Honored Queen: Ashton Campbell (right)

Grand Bethel Senior Princess: Savannah Hart (left)

Miss Wisconsin Job’s Daughter: Sarah Korducki (middle)



The members of Wisconsin DeMolay look forwarding to getting to know you more and work with you in the upcoming year to accomplish whatever tasks may come before us!

Thanks and congratulations again!














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