DeMolay International Centennial Celebration


Registration Deadline for Centennial Session has PASSED.  Thanks to all who registered on time!


Notes on registration: all Wisconsin DeMolay members should register through Wisconsin DeMolay in order to receive the prices of 115 (youth) and 75 (adult).  If you do not register through Wisconsin DeMolay before the registration deadline of March 18th, you will be expected to pay full price to DeMolay International and register through their website.


It’s Centennial Time!

That’s right, it’s been 100 years in the¬†making,¬†but it’s finally here.¬† Time to travel¬†as a jurisdiction down to Kanas City and show DeMolay’s from all over the world how Wisconsin rolls.¬† There will be tours, music, food trucks and fireworks.¬† This will be the event you will literally tell the next couple generations of DeMolay’s about.¬† Don’t miss out!


Travel Timeline (Current draft; may make small changes)

Thanks to the generosity of the Masonic Youth Fund Committee and their grant, up to 2 busses will be provided free of charge.

While there are still some details to be worked out, please check out the current travel and activity itinerary here —> ¬†Centennial Trip Itinerary

If you would still like more info, here is all the information on DeMolay International’s page: ¬†



The WI DeMolay Foundation has provided a VERY generous grant to reduce costs for active youth to…¬†$115 ¬†<– thats not a typo folks!!!¬† If your chapter has been fundraising (You have been fundraising,¬†haven’t¬†you?), then the final cost to each individual member may actually be even less.

  • Be aware however, that there are a few meals which are not covered under this price structure.¬† Please plan on $10-$20 each (depending on the appetite of your youth) for the following:

o   Tues Dinner on the road

o   Wednesday Breakfast

o   Thursday Breakfast

o   Friday Breakfast, Lunch (Dinner?)

o   (Saturday Breakfast ?)

  • Spending money for souvenirs, etc is obviously up to the individual

Adult Cost is $75


The Catches

  • MUST HAVE 5 adults per bus, at least 2 of which must be Advisors
  • All registration costs go up significantly on March 31st.¬† Wisconsin DeMolay will therefore require chapters to register upfront by March 18th, so that we can properly process all registrations and apply¬†subsidyamounts for each chapter.¬† Any registrations after this time will be the¬†responsibility of the individual, with approval of¬†the EO or Deputy EO.¬† This will again be done through PayPal, so please make sure your chapter has that set-up.
  • This offer is only available to the first 100 DeMolay’s to register
  • Any members who WIN in a¬†CentennialRitual Competition category at the upcoming Templar Tournament in February, will have to arrive by Monday evening in Kansas City, so they can be rested for competition on Tuesday at noon.¬† If we have anyone fitting this category, we will work on alternative travel arrangements at that time.


We hope to see you all at DeMolay International’s Centennial Celebration! ¬†It’s truly going to be an event you won’t want to miss.

-Dad DeGrave

The event is finished.


Jun 25 - 29 2019


All Day



Next Occurrence

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