Legislation Submissions

Legislation Submission Form

Welcome to the Wisconsin DeMolay Legislation Submission form. Here active DeMolay's can submit pieces of legislation to be presented at our annual Convention every July.

This year's Convention will take place from July 24 - 28, 2024 at UW-Green Bay.

View the current bylaws here

All Legislation submissions must use this form and be submitted prior to June 14th, 2024.

Contact Name
Contact Name
For Resolutions:

Please list out exactly what your resolution for Wisconsin DeMolay's bylaws are. Resolutions are changes in state behavior.

Examples include: "Every Conclave must include a game of ultimate frisbee" or "The State Master Councilor must visit every chapter at least once during his term"

For Amendments:

Amendments are changes to our current bylaws. You can utilize amendments if you don't like specific wording on a section, you want to change a specific rule's conditions, or you want to delete a part of the bylaws entirely.