Joseph Bloom: 2019 – 2020 Term Plan

“This too shall pass”


DeMolay has been a staple in thousands of young men’s lives for 100 years. The organization is built for young men from the ages of 12 and 21 to learn life and leadership skills. This year we plan to have a heavy focus on communication and brotherhood. Our main goal is to build a firm line of communication between chapters. We want to see chapters visiting each other more often. We want to see chapters hosting large events that chapters around the area can attend. Rather than have chapters wait for the next state event, we as state officers want to provide the tools and skills needed to plan events thoroughly and communicate it properly so that we can see higher attendance at chapter events. We also plan to have a push for membership within each chapter. Chapters in Wisconsin DeMolay are thriving right now but, we can never get comfortable with where we are as an organization.

No matter what we have accomplished we must always seek to be improving and growing. We plan to do this by setting up a communication group that can answer any questions or concerns chapters might be having about how to gain membership. Lastly, We would like to see improvement in the ritual work of our order. We have a line of state officers who have excelled in the ritual work, not just in memorization but in performance as well. We would like to see tighter competitions at ritual competition and more impressed members at degrees. DeMolay has helped me and others in this organization and we will set up a group of young men who will carry this organization into the right direction long after we are gone.  We look forward to a prosperous year and we thank you all for supporting us in our mission.

-Joe Bloom, State Master Councilor, 2019-2020