Welcome to our page!

DeMolay is the premier youth leadership organization that aims to shape young men into the leaders of tomorrow.  We embrace the timeless values of honor, character, and stewardship and we accept the challenge of leadership so that we may transform our youth into citizens of the highest caliber.

Each young man takes ownership of their DeMolay experience.  They generate ideas, plan events, and execute their plans so that each DeMolay Chapter is accountable to the definition of their success.   All of these actions are under the guidance of trained Advisors that are dedicated to the mission of each Chapter.  Our advisors are members of the local community and their advice and counseling ensures that the interests of the members are uniquely tailored to reflect the needs of the community.

DeMolay is an inclusive organization that only asks young men that are interested in joining, to believe in a higher being.

A high level of involvement and enthusiasm is far more important for success in DeMolay than any particular skill or ability.

We welcome and encourage all young men to join our ranks and benefit from the life-long skills of comradeship, dedication, and compassion.