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Wisconsin DeMolay will have coach buses for the 2019 DeMolay Centennial Celebration. Wisconsin DeMolay will travel to the biggest gathering of DeMolay in the world in Kansas City celebrating 100 years of DeMolay. This trip includes visiting where DeMolay was born, seeing a replica of Dad Land’s office, and competing against the very best DeMolay ritualists for the title of “International Champion”. See the DeMolay International Centennial Website here!

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The new Operations Coordinator for Wisconsin DeMolay, Bro. Dakota Wells is a senior DeMolay from Lewis M. Keene Chapter in Nebraska.  He has been involved with DeMolay since 2009 and has even served as State Master Councilor of Nebraska from 2016-2017. Bro. Wells was also a intern at DeMolay International in Kansas City during the summer of 2016 where he got to experience DeMolay from a business standpoint.  He has also served as the State Media Manager for Nebraska DeMolay in his time as an advisor for Nebraska.

Bro. Wells holds many DeMolay honors such as his Number One Pin, Representative DeMolay, DeMolay of the Year in 2013, Founders Membership Award and the Grand Master’s Eaglet from Past Grand Master Bill Sardone in 2017.

Dad Wells has recently graduated in May 2018 from Doane University in Nebraska with a Bachelor’s Degree in English with an emphasis in Creative Writing but really holds passions in video editing and photography.  He is excited to work with Wisconsin DeMolay and it’s chapters over time to help improve the organization as a whole in any way that he can.

-Dale Graeven, UMB President


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