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Kansas City Bound!

Wisconsin DeMolay will have coach buses for the 2019 DeMolay Centennial Celebration. Wisconsin DeMolay will travel to the biggest gathering of DeMolay in the world in Kansas City celebrating 100 years of DeMolay. This trip includes visiting where DeMolay was born, seeing a replica of Dad Land’s office, and competing against the very best DeMolay ritualists for the title of “International Champion”. See the DeMolay International Centennial Website here!

Centennial PMC-MSA

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Too Bad Summer’s Over!


Look out for our DeMolay chapter’s celebrating the end of summer on Sept 8th, 2018! ┬áCome enjoy the nice weather as well as a bunch of great food and fun!


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Honor's Day 2018!

Honor’s Day 2018 is right around the corner in October! ┬áCome celebrate some of DeMolay’s best members as they have achieved great heights within DeMolay.


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DeMolay Prom 2018!

Heat up in the beginning of December with DeMolay Prom! ┬áCome dance the night away with fellow DeMolay’s as well as other members of the Masonic Family.


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