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DeMolay History


DeMolay started in 1919 in Kansas City, Missouri. DeMolay spread across the states rapidly with the first instituted chapter, Rock River on February 6th, 1922 in Watertown, Wisconsin. 22 more chapters were started across the state that same year and the order continues to grow worldwide.

To learn more about the history of DeMolay click here.

Becoming an Advisor


Advisors are very important in helping grow and guide our youth.  Advisors not only get to work alongside the youth but get to experience the growth from a boy into a man.  As an advisor, your legacy is passed on to these young men whom will look up to you for guidance and advice. Being an advisor is truly a gift.

Watch the below video to learn more about what it means to be an advisor!

Obligatory Days


DeMolay International holds several observance days throughout the year which directly correlate with the teachings of the organization. These Obligatory days are to be recognized each year by the members and further help them learn the lessons our organization teaches.


Patriots’ Day

This obligatory day is observed when convenient to the chapter within the month of February.  On this day chapter members should celebrate great patriotic events as well as those who participated in them.


Devotional Day

On this day, on the Sunday nearest March 18, a DeMolay chapter should attend a religious ceremony of their choosing.  This day is to teach those that religion is an important aspect within the lives of DeMolay members.


Parents’ Day

Love for parents is the first lesson DeMolay teaches, therefore, a chapter should celebrate parents on a date between May 1 and June 21.  During this day the chapter should show their appreciation to their parents thought their acts, words, and modes of recognition.


Educational Day

DeMolay believes that education is one of the core necessities of our nation.  On a day convenient to the chapter in September, the chapter should strive to emphasize the value of education not only to their own members but those of their community.


Government Day

Observed nearest the 3rd of October, the chapter should explain the workings of government to it’s members, whether it be state, national, province or local government.


Frank S. Land Memorial Day

Observed near the 8th of November, the date that our founder, Frank S. Land, died.  DeMolay members should celebrate the life of Frank S. Land and his impact on the world today by bringing the Order of DeMolay into fruition.


Day of Comfort

This day should be observed by a chapter in the Thanksgiving/Christmas season when convent to them.  During this observance a chapter should visit those who are sick and provide them with words of comfort.  This observance should not be limited to just friends, but also those within the community.




What's happening in Wisconsin?

What's happening in Wisconsin?

Take a look at the upcoming state events and what is happening through out Wisconsin DeMolay!

Monthly State Newsletter

The monthly Wisconsin DeMolay state newsletter is put together by the Executive Officer, State Master Councilor and the DeMolay Office. ¬†Find out what’s happening in the state each and every month. ¬†Want to get in touch and receive the monthly newsletter? ¬†Email Operations@widemolay.org for more information!

Do you know where the Traveling Gavel is?

The traveling gavel is a giant gavel that a chapter can steal from another chapter when traveled there for a stated meeting.  It now resides with Brookfield Chapter!


Find the rules for the traveling gavel here!

Next State Event

Join Wisconsin DeMolay as we celebrate the end to the summer with Too Bad Summer’s Over!¬† It looked a bit different this year with the COVID-19 pandemic but we aim to hold a great event where our brothers and friends can come together!¬† Find all information here!



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