Become a Representative DeMolay or a Representative Sweetheart and Level Up your Game!

The Representative DeMolay Award is the highest self-achievement award Active and Senior DeMolays can earn. It’s a self-assessment program where you progress towards goals you set for yourself. You complete a detailed survey of your interests, achievements, general knowledge, and habits. The Representative DeMolay program was first established in 1924, and for many years was a competition to select outstanding DeMolays. In 1935, the program was redesigned to fill a growing need for self-evaluation by every DeMolay.

The Representative Sweetheart Award is a self-assessment program specifically designed for current and past Chapter and State Sweethearts who are under 21.

Details of the Contest:

  • Visit and download either the RD or RS Form.
  • Complete the form in its entirety and submit.
  • Depending on when you submit your form and it is approved, you will receive a certain amount of tickets for a chance to win either a PlayStation 5, Xbox Series S, or VR Headset.
  • Winner will be drawn at Convention 2024.
  • All RD’s and RS’s will be presented at Honor’s Day 2024.
  • This contest is open to all active Wisconsin DeMolays, current Wisconsin Sweethearts, and Past Wisconsin Sweethearts who are under 21.

Ticket Structure:

  • Submit in March – 150 tickets (best chance of winning!)
  • Submit in April – 100 tickets
  • Submit in May – 50 tickets
  • Submit in June – 15 tickets

Good Luck from Wisconsin DeMolay and please direct any questions to any State Officer.

Find both the Representative DeMolay and Representative Sweetheart Forms at The One Stop