What is Convention?

Convention is Wisconsin DeMolay's biggest state event of the year!  Come together with chapters throughout the state and compete in some fun sports based games as well as have fun with your brothers throughout the weekend.  Also participate in education sessions which will help you better improve as a DeMolay and a man in your every day life.  During Convention there is also some business to be taken care of.  Between holding a congress for the state as well as the installation of your new state officers there is a lot of fun to be had if you're more interested in the formal side of things.  Regardless, Convention is an event that you don't want to miss out on!

Educational Sessions!

During Convention, Wisconsin DeMolay makes an important point to hold educational sessions for our members as well as advisors. From how to dress appropriately, to life skills like how to change a flat tire, our members are learning new things each year. We also provide sessions that teach members how to effectively run their own business so that they can take the information back to their home chapters to get some work done!

A Whole Lot of Fun!

As mentioned previously, during Convention we also host sporting and other fun events for our members. From games like capture the flag to a board game night, there is always something fun to do. Wisconsin DeMolay utilizes the area that we are hosting Convention to it's best advantage for our members. Come join in on the fun with all of your brothers!

A New Set of Officers

At Convention, the installation of our new State Officers, who are voted on earlier in the year, occurs normally on Saturday afternoon. Come celebrate the accomplishments of our past officers as well as the plans of our new team. All dignitaries and outside bodies are welcome to come and bring greetings on behalf of their organizations!