July 24th-28th, 2024

Thank you to everyone who made Convention 2023 a HUGE success!

What is Convention?

Convention is Wisconsin DeMolay's biggest state event of the year!  Come together with chapters throughout the state and compete in some fun sports based games as well as have fun with your brothers throughout the weekend.  
Also participate in Skills Prep which will help you better improve as a DeMolay and a man in your every day life.  During Convention we hold our annual Congress Session as well as the Installation of your new State Officers, followed by an amazing Reception! Regardless, Convention is an event that you don't want to miss out on!

Ritual Performances!

During Convention, Wisconsin DeMolay makes an important point to hold the largest production of both DeMolay degrees, a Squire Induction, and the Majority Service.
Along with the degrees, you will be able to witness the State Installation of Officers on Saturday of Convention.

Enormous Fun...with a little bit of skill learning snuck in!

As mentioned previously, during Convention we also host sporting and other fun events for our members. This year we are returning to Six Flags! It is a non-stop fun experience and you even have a dorm room all to yourself!
Throughout Convention, we also provide skill sessions that help our members be better in their daily lives along with effectively run their home chapters!

Memories to Last!

Upon the completion of Convention, you will leave with an amazing experience behind you, new friends made, and new skills you can use in your day to day life!