What is Honors Day?

Honors Day is the time to celebrate those who have given so much to our organization.  Through their hard-work and dedication DeMolay would not be what it is today.  Whether they are an active DeMolay, senior DeMolay, advisor, or even sweethearts, we like to honor them especially on this day by presenting them with different awards that they can earn throughout their time with DeMolay.  To find out more about the Honor's and Awards DeMolay has to offer by click on this box.


The Wisconsin DeMolay Foundation gives out scholarships to our active members who are attending or plan on attending college in the near future. These scholarships are also available for young women who are associated within DeMolay as well as advisors who are pursuing their education experience. In 2019 alone, The Wisconsin DeMolay Foundation will be giving out sixteen individual scholarships to youth and adults. In our past we have given around $50,000 in scholarships to our members and advisors.