Sweetheart Weekend Makes it's Return!

That's right, you read that right! Starting in February of 2020 Wisconsin DeMolay will be bringing back our beloved Sweetheart Weekend. Now led by Mom and Dad Harycki, we hope to bring an experience for all to enjoy. We look forward to having all of our Masonic Family, youth and adults alike, join us for this exciting relaunch.

A Reunion!

That's right! Starting this year with the relaunch of Sweetheart Weekend we are implementing a reunion aspect to this event. That's right! All DeMolay majority members, Job's Daughters majority members, majority Rainbow for Girls members, and especially our Past State Master Councilors and Past State Sweethearts. Come join us on Saturday of Sweetheart Weekend for the reunion activities and banquet! The Sweetheart Weekend Reunion is being put together by Past State Officer, Ryan Mayrand.

During the event you will be able to experience the Wisconsin DeMolay degree team put on Degrees for our new members on Saturday. Afterwards you will be taken on a lunch tour around downtown Madison where you are able to further bond with members who have experienced the same things you have throughout their Masonic youth career. That evening you will come back to the banquet and be recognized as our wonderful alumni who made this organization what it is. Then to end off the night, the reunion members will be free to have a "social time" with their fellow alumni.

Reunion Members will be able to stay at a separate hotel than the youth if they wish. A group rate link will be provided upon registration and payment.

The Honorary DeMolay Degree

Wisconsin DeMolay is also bringing back at Sweetheart Weekend the Honorary DeMolay degree. Primarily a fundraising effort for our chapters, masons and men over the age of 21 can participate and become an Honorary DeMolay within Wisconsin DeMolay. This ties directly into DeMolay's normal initiation so that our honorees get the same experience those new 12 to 21 year old DeMolay's get to experience. A donation of $100 is given directly to the chapter of your choosing. Come participate in the Honorary DeMolay Degree!