Wisconsin DeMolay's Centennial is Here!


In 1922 Wisconsin DeMolay was founded with the very first chapter being located in Kenosha, WI.  Over the years Wisconsin DeMolay grew and grew until at it’s peak, Wisconsin DeMolay hosted over 50 chapters within the state of Wisconsin.  In 2022 Wisconsin DeMolay will be celebrating our 100 year legacy of the outstanding leaders that have been produced through their time in Wisconsin DeMolay.  Join us in celebrating 100 years!


Expect a whole host of different activities to come from Wisconsin DeMolay over this next year such as our Centennial Advisor Conference in January, the Centennial Lottery, and some amazing additions to Sweetheart Weekend and Conclave! We hope that you will celebrate with us as we look back on our past 100 years.


View information for the Centennial Advisor Conference here

View information for Sweetheart Weekend here

View information for Conclave here

Wisconsin DeMolay Centennial Lottery!

Your State Officers have decided to create something special for our Centennial Year with the Centennial Lottery, a membership incentive program that will reward our members simply for being active within DeMolay!

Members can gain tickets from January 3, 2022, to March 26th, 2022, by doing various activities such as attending a chapter meeting or being the 1st line signer on a new member, that can be used to go into a lottery for an epic array of prizes that the State Officers have hand-picked based on many of the interests of our members. Members will be allowed to choose what prizes their tickets go to!

Some of our big lottery items include the current generation gaming systems, tickets to Great America, and much more! View all the information below!

How to Earn Tickets

As mentioned above, Active DeMolay’s will be able to earn tickets based off different activities they do in DeMolay. We want to reward them simply for being an active member of the organization and some of our ticket earning activities reflect that so that if members only want to attend chapter meetings, they still will be able to participate.

Tickets should be tracked by Chapter Advisors and Submitted to the Operations Coordinator. Please use the spreadsheet here as an example

ActivityDescriptionTickets Awarded
Attending a Home Chapter Meeting or EventAwarded to only present members1
Fill in a part other than your own in the Opening and Closing of your chapterOnly applicable if there is an absent member1
Join a chapter committee1
Host or Attend a DeMolay Virtual EventAwarded to only present members3
Obligatory Day ObservedAwarded to only present members3
Earn a New Merit BarAwarded for each color of each merit bar earned3
Attend a Home Chapter Installation ServicePoints for each member present and installed into an office between Oct 2021-March 26, 20223
Chair a Chapter Committee3
Public Obligatory Day Observed (event needs to involve people from outside of DeMolay)Awarded to only present members5
Received Representative DeMolayAwarded upon acceptance and approval of application by State RD Advisor5
Complete Leadership Correspondence Course (LLC's)Points awarded for each test completed and submitted5
Travel to another chapter's meeting or eventChapter meeting, social, civic, Masonic service, athletic or fundraising all included5
Completed initiatory obligationPoints awarded to members who present their obligation for the first time in an open meeting5
Completed DeMolay Degree obligationPoints awarded to members who present their obligation for the first time in an open meeting5
Performed Special CeremoniesAdult Memorial Service, Ceremony of Light, Flower Talk, Fathers Talk, Flag Presentation, Funeral / Memorial Service, Majority Service, Shield Talk, ..in an open meeting or at a scheduled function5
Performing a ritual part at Sweetheart WeekendParts must be memorized5
Holding a Charity eventAwarded to only present members5
Holding a Fundraising eventAwarded to only present members5
Invited a friendGet a non-member friend to attend a Chapter Meeting or Event10
Official DeMolay Award received10
Attending Sweetheart WeekendMust attend Sweetheart Weekend in it's entirety10
Hosting a Prospective Member EventAwarded to only present members and all prospective members10
Complete PMC-MSA term planPoints awarded to every installed member of the Chapter for the term.10
1st line signer (DeMolay or Squire)Awarded when new member is initiated (full degrees or short form). Can only be used once for each new member.20
Performing a Short Form InitiationPoints awarded to each home chapter member (and the initiate) that is in attendance20
Steal the Travelling GavelPoints awarded for each member who is present to steal the gavel. (Must have a minimum of 3 members and 1 advisor)20

The Prize Drawing

Prizes will be drawn on March 26 in Burlington, WI at the Burlington Masonic Center following the conclusion of the Wisconsin DeMolay Ritual Tournament. Distribution of tickets will begin at 1:00PM and you must be present to win.


The Prize List Includes

Playstation 5 Console

Xbox Series X Console

Nintendo Switch Console

Lego Boba Fett Helmet

Marvel Avengers 6 Pack Funko Pops

Fitbit Sense

Beats Wireless Earbuds

$100 Target Gift Card

Xbox Wireless Controller

$100 Apple Gift Card

Mini Fridge

Pull up bar set

Pokemon Legend’s Arceus

Corn Hole Set

65FT RGB LED Light Strip

Round 1 Arcade Event for your Chapter

Razer Deathadder Elite v2 Computer Mouse

Roku Streaming Stick

$75 DeMolay Emblem Visa Gift Card

Karaoke Machine


Record Player

Playstation 5 Dual Sense Controller

$70 Xbox Gift Card

Portable Laser Tag

Occulus Quest 2 VR Headset

Waffle Maker

JBL Quantum One Headset

$75 PlayStation Gift Card

Vivitar VTI Pheonix Drone

Great America Season Passes for you and a friend

Bose Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

GTracing Gaming Chair with Speakers

Mini Projector

4th Gen Amazon Echo