Wisconsin DeMolay Olympics!

Wisconsin DeMolay Olympics Original Poster

The “Wisconsin DeMolay Olympics” works in tandem with DeMolay International’s “DeMolay Olympics”.  While DeMolay International’s program focuses on the even numbers, Wisconsin DeMolay has taken it upon us to fill in the gaps and covers the odd numbers.  Please see the outline for both programs below.  Wisconsin DeMolay incentives are marked in BLUE and DeMolay International incentives are marked in RED.  Awards will be presented after the Form 10 is competed on eScribe.  Note that all incentives are retroactive from January 1, 2020 and ends on December 31, 2020.


Wisconsin DeMolay will also recognize those who are receiving their Founder’s Membership Award and Blue Honor Key.  For example, in the 2020 year you have initiated three new members, but also have a total initiation number of 10, you will receive: WI DeMolay Baseball Hat (for the three in 2020), Blue Honor Key (default for 10 from DeMolay International), and the Waterpark Overnight Tickets (for reaching the BHK).



Current Statistics (Updated February 28th, 2020)

Eric B. – Doric: 1

Jacob A. – Green Bay: 1

Journey S. – Doric: 1

Mason N: Sir Galahad: 1

Parker A. – Green Bay: 1



1 Includes admission for the individual and three (3) of his friends to Garcade in Menomonee Falls or a similar arcade

2 Includes Two Season Passes to Six Flags

3 Includes Two Rooms at Great Wolf Lodge (One for Advisor/Parent and another for up to four youth)