Our Minecraft Server is Back!

You read that right!  Wisconsin DeMolay is relaunching our Minecraft server, this time on more platforms than before!  Join us as we adventure in this world!  Find out more ways to connect and our rebate program down below!




IP address widemolay.apexmc.co

Backup IP:

Our Server is back with multiple ways to connect, but how exactly do you do that? ¬†Well it’s pretty simple. ¬†We have linked a guide here below that help you connect to the server that is useable for all platforms. ¬†Should be very simple to hop right in and play with each other!


Connecting Guide (Very Similar on all platforms)


Rebate Program


Wisconsin DeMolay is offering a small rebate for chapters who purchase the game for those who are wanting to play but are unable to afford or do not own the game on any of the available platforms.  Wisconsin DeMolay is offering 10 rebates of $10 each per chapter for this relaunch of our Minecraft Server.  We are asking chapters to consolidate, front the costs for any members, and submit a rebate request to your Executive Officer so that you can be partially refunded via PayPal.  If you have any questions please feel free to reach out to your Executive Officer.